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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 7, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news at 8 starts now. >> a korean war veteran back on american soil after being detained by north korean officials for more than 40 days. tonight the pallomelta man back with family. >> merrill newman was detained for 42 days after his visit. we are live at the palo alto home. we can only imagine how the family is feeling tonight. >> that's right. vicki. mr.newman left the airport and waiting for him to show up and walk into his building. we do know he is with family.
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>> it is a great homecoming and i'm tired but ready to be with my family. >> merrill newman did not have much to say after being detained in north korea for six weeks, his wife, son and family met him at san francisco international airport where he flew in from beijing. >> i'm delighted to be home. >> visiting north korea and was on his way home october 26th when according to the facebook page dedicated to bringing him home he was escorted off the plane because of his army service in the korean war 60 years ago. >> while detained, he confessed for the crimes. many think it was forced and days after it he was freed and after touching u.s. soil he thanked his supporters. >> thank the swedish embassy
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and beijing. >> there were well-wishers here in his hometown, his wife has been going to church while he was detained but we do here that the congregation including children had been keeping the family in their prayers. >> i'm just going to pray for the family and there is a candle on the alter every week in honor of him. everyone is gathering around her. >> reporter: lee newman walked out of the airport with her husband. when he was asked if he would return to north korea he said he didn't think. >> another death is being
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blamed on freezing temperatures. another homeless man has died in dublin. the 5th death associated with the weather. four others in santa clara have died due to hypothermia. we are looking outside and temperatures dipping down to 27 degrees on mount tam. in san francisco it is 42 degrees. with more on the frigid weather, here is brian. >> we had a cold day after last night's rainstorm after the rain came through and another reinforcing shot of artic air. highs just in the upper 40s in a lot of places. we didn't reach 50 in many locations. with fairfield and antioch and liverpool and san jose, a high of 49 degrees. the temperatures today about 10 to 15 degrees below average in the coldest spots and it looks like for tomorrow, those high temperatures will be even a few degrees cooler and we have a very cold night on the way for tonight. here is a live view mount tam and we do have high clouds for
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this evening and that should keep the temperatures from getting really cold tonight but nevertheless. still a freeze warning in effect for all locations except for san francisco. the coldest spots going down to the low 20s and the north bay and east bay valleys and reading even colder for tomorrow night. we could see spots, sun night and monday morning going down in the upper teens. now, look for low 20s, coldest spots and to santa rosa and napa and 20s for the east bay valleys and 20s try valley and freezing temperatures close to the bay, redwood city 32 and sunnyville and 30s for san francisco and oakland. tomorrow, clouds in the morning and lots of sunshine. once again high temperatures for the afternoon just in the mid to upper 40s. i'll tell you when it will get warmer in a few minutes. >> at least five people left displaced in alameda after a two-alarm fire. it started after 4:00 on san
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jose avenue. it took an hour to get it under control. no injuries right now though the fire department is calling this an electrical fire but the official cause is still under investigation. ahead of the big game between the san francisco 49ers, police are warning fans to keep the peace. kron4 reports that extra officers will be in attendance and you probably won't recognize them. >> security is tight and the day before the 49ers and the seahawks square off even the media is being turned away. this is an example of what police do not want to happen between the division rivals. a parking lot fight that broke out last season. san francisco police chief greg thurs said fans need to keep their hands to themselves to ensure that happens, similar to what has done in big games in the pass, 9ers or san francisco
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giants game, officers will pose at stands. police will have undercover officers in gear and there will be more decoy fans at this game than before so it is best to remain peaceful and remember that seahawk fan you start an argument with may be a cop. the seahawk at 11 and one have clenched a playoff spot and closes in on the west title. the defending nfc49ers are 8-4 and fighting to get back in the post-season. kickoff is sunday at 1:25. in san francisco, kron4 news. the a's will stay in oakland. this news comes from bud selig that let the team know today that their bid to move to san jose has been denied. a letter from june for the bid showed up in court documents last night. the league admitted to the letter as part of their legal
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argument to dismiss the anti- trust lawsuit. the team recently renewed the contract with the o dot coliseum for the next couple of years. tonight on the 77th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor survivors went to commemorate the attack on mount diablo. the beacon will shine until sunday morning. claimed the lives of more than 2400 service members and a thousand civilians and thrust the united states into world war ii, there was three battle ships sank and four others damaged. the intrepid sea and space museum honored the occasion with a ceremony on the hudson, pearl harbor survivors spoke to
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remember those that died. >> south africa continues to mourn the death of nelson mandela as his family speaks out for the first time. there were people surrounding his home singing and his family spoke out saying that they have lost a great man who was always humble despite his fame. president obama called mandela's widow to express his condolences. >> the youth that are coming through, he is an icon. >> a memorial service will be held for mandela tuesday followed by three days of services. president obama is planning to attend. a hearing set to be held in washington. a hearing set to be held in washington. i love watching tv outside.
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>> this kid is back in san francisco and using super powers to help sick kids. miles scott dawn his costume to kick off the 5k race. >> do you feel good. >> yes. >> how do you like the cold weather? >> not really. >> are you going to get in the water? >> no. >> how do you like being back here. >> good. >> happy day. >> if he can help anybody by doing what he is doing and dressing up and being batman, that is what we want. >> miles' leukemia is in remission and he ended chemotherapy in june. last month miles was granted the wish of turning san
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francisco into gotham and saved the mascot lucille. it has reached epic proportions for the t-shirts saying there is more than 1st down orders for the batman shirt. if you haven't got an your orders in, you are out of luck but there are other items such as sweatshirts and bean ies. the cold weather is threatening california's two million dollars citrus crops and how growers are trying to save their fruit. >> the first blast comes at harvest season. >> what percentage of your crop would you say you have got harvested so far this year. >> probably close to 40%. >> there is more urgency this year because freezing temperatures are threatening the family's 7000 acres of
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oranges and other fruit and california's two billion dollar citrus industry. >> not just how cold it gets but the duration of time. i don't think it will get cold enough to hurt the trees but it could definitely harm you know -- freeze the fruit and we are doing everything we can to feed it. >> growers in california are on edge staying up to monitor temperatures in the 20s when they spring into action. >> this is a wind machine poured by a six-cylinder diesel engine that creates air that raises ground temperature. >> very powerful and good for 10 to 15 acres. >> growers warm the ground by saturating it with water but they must do that before their pipes freeze. >> putting moisture in the ground generates warmth. >> a tricky job that he refuses to delegate to anyone else. >> i have a great crew but it is hand on. you have to be here. >> despite the temperatures in
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the low 20s, still good. >> you can cut the fruit and check for damage. this is unscathed. perfect. >> les says he has not slept in three days. >> we will beat it. >> which means you are less likely to see higher prices at the supermarket. >> we have another round of cold air to deal with. we will see temperatures get very cold and possibly teens around the bay area. this evening a few clouds over mount diablo but for tonight, things are beginning to clear out and we will see temperatures drop into the low 20s, coolest spots and then a live view from mount tam looking out in the new span of the bay bridge and there is oakland and the background and already cold temperatures tonight. a couple places at or below here right now. and readings will continue to
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drop. we had a rain storm and wet weather and rainfall amounts even though it rained pretty heavily, the storm came through quickly so rainfall amounts were on the light side between a quarter and half inch. we are way behind for the season and have a lot of catching up to do as we go through the winter. right now temperatures in the low 30s for napa, vallejo and fairfield and nevada below 30s and the try valley colder by the bay. high clouds begin to push in over the bay area and that should keep temperatures about where they are with a few degrees of cooling and this system will push into southern california. so the rain with this is going to miss us. that is what future cast is showing. midnight, temperatures warmer and all of the rain showers
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remain in the ocean and the bulk moves south to southern california. high clouds for tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. and a sunny day and with the artic airmass on top of us, temperatures once again just mid to upper 40s with maybe the warmest places reaching 50 degrees. it will be another chilly day. look for highs upper 40s and san jose 48 degrees. that's about 10 to 15 degrees below average and same for redwood city and mountain view and fremont and inland valleys, mid-40s and upper 40s bay side and oakland to a high of 50 degrees. and 49 san francisco and cool north bay valleys. here is the 7 day around the bay. tomorrow night it looks like a really cold night, inland valleys, coldest places. freezing temperatures at the bay and we'll slowly begin to warm up for this coming week, 60s by thursday and friday.
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vicki. brian, speaking of freezing, today was the first snowfall for mount hamilton that overlooks silicon valley, jeff made the climb to show us the snow dusting. >> the first snow appeared in mount hamilton this week. a dusting so sparse that fails to attract snow seekers from the valley below but for those that yearn for the christmas of winter air, that lack of visitors meant one could find enough for winter solitude. a slow traversing of a snow covered road. if only for a few hundred yards. >> there was crusted foliage. should good fortune be with a solidity visitor a passing cloud may contribute a few flakes. for those that rely on the first snowfall to mark the passage of time, autumn is soon
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to behind us. the arrival of the winter soltiste is days away. the ntsb is preparing for investigative hearing on flight 214 that killed 3 and injured nor than 300. the hearings are set to take place on tuesday and wednesday in washington d.c. the national transportation safety board will heavy testimony from the faa and from boeing and other aviation associates. they will be looking into what caused the tragic crash last july based on a list of topics that include cabin safety and pilot awareness. privacy concerns are being made by a move that may upset california residents. giving the names of tens of thousands of consumers to ensure agents without letting
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them know. it is for consumers that researched coverage but didn't ask to be contacted. it was to be met for the process to be easier. police have released a description of a car in an amber alert in washington state. eduardo floor riz rosales may be driving a 2001 to 2003 hunter green ford escape with temporary washington registration. florez row sal lease is accused etch abducting elizabeth romero on wednesday in washington. police believe he could pass through the bay area on his way to mexico. construction is under way this weekend on a play ground honoring a 1st grader kill at a shooting at sandy hook elementary. it would be his 8th birthday. firefighters are working on this playground. >> pink and purple because
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those were josephine favorite colors. 26 playgrounds are being built in connecticut, new jersey and new york and areas affected by superstorm sandy. >> a 50,000-dollar donation and how it became slipped unnoticed. illegal u-turns that become a scene out of ring ling barnum & bailey brother services. i will explain next in people behaving badly.
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here is sam roberts that found people behaving badly. >> you are looking at drivers being totally confused. some drive the wrong way while some ride through not letting some silly lane dividers get in the way. you see drivers have been
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ignoring these no u turn signs for as long as they have been here. >> how long has it been there? >> forever. >> really? >> yes. >> the issue is no one likes being stuck in traffic but on highway 37 during the commute, being stuck is the norm unless you ignore all of the signs advising you which direction to take because you know a short cut and a short cut is making a u-turn in front of sonoma often driving to the parking lot to make it suedo legal. >> it has gotten real bad. we have had people full out in front of somebody else and so that is unsafe condition. >> so someplace a wall to prevent u-turns and it has people going to the gate. right now drivers are getting notices of apologizing for the inconveniences but these steps are to prevent crashes and that
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drivers should contact state and local and federal representatives to solve the traffic problem on highway 37. in the future drivers will have to sign a waiver to enter the raceway. as drivers try to figure out what to do, drivers acting like they meant to full in there flue your first time. >> first time. >> making phone calls or driving in circles. >> how often do you do that, this is not your first time. >> it is not my first time. >> you do it all of the time. >> no. >> we will talk to the drivers caught behind the wall and more from this driver. >> how many times did you make that turn? >> at sonoma raceway, kron4 news. >> >> if you have a comments, you can e-mail us at people behaving badly. area secret santa brightning the holiday for the
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salvation army. once again the salvation army says somebody dropped $50,000 worth of checks in a red kettle for the 8th year. that means the anonymous donor has given a total of five hundred thousand dollars to the organization that helps needy families. salvation army doesn't know who is the identity because he hides his check in a one dollar bill. we are getting ready for a kron4 special program and bringing you a look at beautiful christmas lights from all over the bay area. a one hour live show happening next friday night, december 13th at 9 p.m., kron4's amazing holiday lights next friday right after the news at 8:00. coming up at 8:30, a police officer is hot water after stopping a suspect on the run. why his decision to draw a gun is causing outrage. >> it has something that we have all done at one point, used an atm in front of a bank using your debit card.
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we will show you what robbers are doing to steal your money to use your atm and showing you how the robberies have turned violent. >> after a cool day, another frigid night and i will let you know how cold it will get near you coming up. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy,
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and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. omg, jack. have you ever checked out these new product ideas people posthey're kind of amaze. yeah - that's where i got the ideas for my new- fajita ranch melt. seasoned chicken with a gooey blend of pepper jack cheese, roasted peppers and onions, on toasted sourdough for just $3.99. is that where you also got the idea for that clock bracelet you always wear? my watch? no...these were invented a long time ago. like in the 80's? detained for a month us back home. merrill newman, an 85-year-old vet arrived this morning. his long-awaited return came
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after being detained for 42 days. bat kid returns to help others. he dawned his mask to kick off a 5k race. the make-a-wish foundation turned san francisco into gotham city and saved the giant's mascot. the deacon on mount diablo is shining brightly to mark the attack on pearl harbor and will shine until dawn to honor the 22 people that were killed. there were six survivors of attack. another story we are following, this frigid weather that has everybody's teeth shatterling. we will check in with our meteorologist brian van aiken that has more on the temperatures that keep on plummeting. and they will continue to get colder over the next few
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nights. we will see more frigid temperatures next week. live view of san francisco, a beautiful night around the bay. we have clear skies and boy it is really chilly. even right now temperatures at freezing in some spots like petaluma at 32 degrees and look for those readings in the north bay to two down to the low 20s. loss beganos and berkeley in the upper 30s and san francisco is cold at 41. we are going into the upper 30s for san francisco tonight. a freeze warning in effect for all of the locations around the bay area except san francisco. coldest spots in low 20s and tomorrow look for temperatures to get colder by monday morning could see some readings in the mid to upper teens in the inland valleys and that will continue. for tonight, a lot of 20s in the north, santa rosa 23
8:31 pm
degrees and mid-20s for napa and fairfield and the coldest temperatures around sunrise and 20s in the east bay valley and mid to upper 30s by the bay and for the south bay, even freezing temperatures here as we approach sunrise, 32 the freezing point and that's what we will see for san jose and some locations, colder than that into south san jose and as we get to saratoga. tomorrow lots of sunshine and once again a chilly day with afternoon highs cooler than today. mid to upper 40s. it does get warmer and i will let you know when it will happen. if you are thinking of escaping the cold by heading east. friday's ice storm that brought mystery from texas has moved out and another ice storm taking shape. wave one has passed and we
8:32 pm
are waiting on wave two. >> and expected to bring ice, snow and sleet. the national weather service says the artic airmass will drop temperatures ten to 30 degrees below normal. in canton, ohio snow could not stop friday night football. fans and players were there. the dallas, fort worth area, was among the hardest hit. knocked out power to thousands. one person was killed after a truck spun off an icy bridge. >> the pickup truck spun over the guardrail and dropped in the water. meanwhile memphis was seeing more freezing rain on sunday after getting hit by friday's storm. one main concern is the ice
8:33 pm
refreezing and it has forced the cancellation of the memphis marathon and in arkansas, snow and ice covered the roads making driving a nightmare. >> haven't seen it all. never see it all. always a challenge. >> martha shade, kron4 news. a family is homeless after a fire broke out. it happened on lasendto road due to discarded ashes. nobody was hurt but the foot of the garage was damaged. it caused $165,000 worth of damage. residents should place ashes in a metal container away from the home and to doust them with water. police warning people in vallejo to be viligent after several robberies at atms and we are shown how they are
8:34 pm
happening. >> disturbance of these details. here is how it works. the unsuspecting victim will walk up to an atm and put the debit card in and type in their pin number and do transactions but what the victims don't realize is that while they are punching in their pin number the robber looked over their shoulder and able to steal that number. the bad guy waits until he leaves and that's when the suspect swoops in before that transaction is closed out on the atm and the menu asks if they would like to do another transaction and then the thief using the pin number that they just stole will type it in and start taking money out of that person's account. police say that this is happening three times in the past week in vallejo and what happened here at this bank of america. only in this instance, it turned out to be violent when the woman caught the suspect and entering her opinion number
8:35 pm
after the transaction. investigators say the suspect grabbed the woman by the throat and pinned her up against the wall and finished taking her money. police are now warning people to be very aware of their surroundings all the time and especially when using an atm and to always make sure that you completely close out your transaction before walking away. police have no suspects. if you have information call the vallejo police department. scott race, kron4 news. outrage after an officer opened fire at a van full of kids. what prompted the officer to pull the trigger and the consequences he is facing now. plus a man's sticky fingers leads to a helping hand thanks to one store owner's kindness.
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>> a police officer in new mexico is suspended for
8:38 pm
shooting at a minivan. we learn what prompted the officer to open fire. >> dashcam video that has caused outrage all over the world. and now we know the officer shooting at the minivan in this video has been suspended with pay. police say the chaos started when officers pulled over or reandno ferrell for speeding. they say she wasn't cooperative. argued with officers and tried to flee and when she began to drive away. state police say officer montaro opened fire and because of that he is temporarily off of the job pending a disciplinary investigation. it has taken them over a month to decide to suspend over montora and a spokesperson says he has no comment but others have plenty to say including
8:39 pm
the lawyer that represents him. in court ... >> state police chief gettis says he has concerns but said the officer was trying to shoot at the tires. coming up, rescuers racing to the aid of whales and discovers their help is unwanted. a thief caught in the act and what store owners did instead of calling police. we had a cold and windy day with temperatures in the 40s we had a cold and windy day with temperatures in the 40s ai love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes!
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stealing tips from a coffee jar
8:42 pm
and the video shows the sticky fingers and instead of calling the cops they supported the thief. >> i don't think somebody should have the cops called. the cafe has collected three boxes of food and hoping that people will help a man in need. this year is part of a new fad emerging from the video game world taking a real look on physical toys and blending them in the video game world. stay tuned and i will tell you more. we have more frigid temperatures on the way the next couple of days and right now it is cold in the 30s and many spots even at freezing. now it is cold in the 30s and many spots even at freezing. ii love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse.
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but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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the world of video games is really changing and revolving. a new fat emergence blending in and catching on and topping wish lists this holiday season. this is the new hot thing in gaming. check it out. . >> this portal connects to a game console and takes an action figure that places it on the portal and brings it to life on the video game and the gamer plays that game as that character. sky lander was the first franchise to release the action figures that come to life. >> really created this sort of magical blend of video games and toys and so it gave kids two ways to play with it. when mommy and daddy can't do
8:46 pm
it when they are watching tv they can use their imagination and when they can play on the console they can use them. it has created a new sort of game dynamic in terms of bringing physical toys to life. >> and it is big business. right now sky land ders is the number one toy and the number one game for kids age 6 to 12. disney is getting into this new world of gaming. they have launched disney infinity similar but using beloved disney characters as the toys and game play. toy story and space is the big game for this season featuring pixar characters. one thing is nice that they work on all consoles. and other video game news. we are giving away copies of one of the hottest games right now for the new ps4 call of duty ghost. this new game by aqua vision
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has a new intense story and new innovations in multi players. to enter for your chance to win, log onto kron4 and look for the contest page,. if you would like to connect, you could add him on facebook and follow him on twitter or e-mail him at we have a cold night on the way. if you haven't heard that already. keep it and get ready because tonight and tomorrow night we will have freezing temperatures and it looks like tomorrow night will be the coldest evening with teens in the forecast and right now a live view of mount tam looking towards salsalitto and high clouds pushing in and that should help with the low temperatures this evening, the high clouds have a tendency to act like a blanket. even though we are cold i think temperatures will slowly begin to slide as we go through the rest of tonight.
8:48 pm
nevertheless a freeze warning with the exception of san francisco. a cold start and a cold afternoon with temperatures in the mid to upper 40s and we will eventually start to warm things up as we get to next week. another cold morning for monday and it looks like that will be the coldest day of the next 7 days at least for the morning. here is a look at the satellite view and all that blue is snow in the sierras and continues to snow for tonight. adding on a couple of inches on top of the two or three feet reported in the past 24 hours and change over 50s and 80s and things improving. totals up around three feet for kirkwood and heavenly between two or three feet. lots of snow but now lots of sunshine coming up for the next few days. sunday, monday and tuesday. lots of sun and readings slowly warming up as we get to next week. morning temperatures below zero for tomorrow morning as well as
8:49 pm
monday morning and temperatures here in the bay area for tomorrow morning looking at mid- 20s same for east bay valleys at freezing for san jose by tomorrow morning and 30s bay side and look at these highs for the afternoon, just in the upper 40s for the south bay, san jose going up to 48 degrees. sunshine and highs in the mid- 40s, conquer and pittsburgh and fairfield 46. that is as warm as it is going to get. upper 40s, bay side and look for readings just reaching 50s for oakland and upper 40s san francisco and 47 in a lot of spots for the north bay. here is the 7 day around the bay and for monday, look at those cold temperatures in the morning, could be in the teens and really cold spots and we'll slowly warm up through the week and lots of sunshine and by the end of the week, thursday and friday look for highs returning to the 60s. time now for dine and dish.
8:50 pm
with vicki. how many times do you get to go in the back of a restaurant of a famous chef? well you do because we are here with tracy. hi. >> hello. >> you are going to kick up something holidayish. >> and a bit homey. >> this is a stuffing that has your onion, celery and leak and spread and egg and then i'm going to add in other ingredients. some roasted chestnuts. >> on an open fire. >> and we will stick it back in the oven. >> and it is cooked. >> so this is it. can we dive in? >> yes. let's give it a try. >> it is the holidays.
8:51 pm
>> and extraordinaryaire. to find out more and to get tracy's special stuffing recipe go to and click on dine and dish. there might be good news about the fate of dozens of pilots stranded in the everglades. unable to spot the pod with boats and a helicopter. that could mean that whales have found their way to deeper waters but also possible they did not survive and they sank to the ocean floor. 11 of the whales have died after beaching in a remote area of the florida everglades on tuesday. if you want to help animal shelters in santa county are lowering the adoption costs and looking to find more doings and cats families of their their own. it covers shots and spade and
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warming costs. the shelters hope to find homes for 1300 animals for the new year. bay we all have our little tricks.
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join us, and thrive. we learn what is at the movies and now showing. >> two brothers in economically depressed town.
8:55 pm
one of the brothers gets home from serving in iraq and mysteriously disappears. >> i like your son. he is tough. makes me want to jump in there with you and see who walks out. >> i just need the money. >> when the police give up on the case, it is up to his oldest sibling to suggest it out of the furnace. what a disappointing loss. but in memphis a new game. greg thompson scored 30 points and davis with 23 to help the warriors defeat the grizzlies, 108-82. seth curry broke a record for
8:56 pm
career three pointers as they end a skid. tyler gaffney ran for 133 yards and scored three touchdowns. a dominating first half and led stanford back to the rosebowl with a victory against a number 11 arizona state in the pack 12 title games. that was exciting. teeth chattering cold, bone chilling cold. >> yes. i wish i had one. >> but i don't. it is going to be very cold tonight. look for temperatures in the coolest spots to the mid-20s for the north bay and east bay valleys and colder temperatures by the bay. 32 in red wood city and that's freezing as well as san jose. sunnyvale to 32 and sunshine tomorrow and despite that, not going to warm up too much, a similar day to what we had today with mid to upper 40s and maybe around 50s in the warmest spot like oakland. >> bundle up. no kidding. that's it for the kron4 news
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and stay connected and get the latest developments or download a mobile ap. the next newscast is at 11:00. we'll see you then.
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"e.t." >> "e.t." uncovers new evidence that may reveal how fast paul walker's car was going just before the crash. i'm rob marciano. the first image of the porsche seconds before impact. i'm standing in the spot where walker's car first comes into the frame. "e.t." breaks down the footage we just gave to investigators. plus new details on how the "fast & furious" franchise will move on. and the latest on a teenaged daughter paul left behind. >> i notice you have her name as a tattoo. >> what he told us on the set of his final film. >> he is the best partner i've ever had. >> then paul's time with "e.t." from his first interview to his last, opening up about his fast and furious lifestyle. >> what is the fastest you have ever driven? >> just under 200. ♪ in the days of my youth bradley cooper's '70s firm. jennifer lawrence falling down drunk.
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